Franklin Zhao




Radiation Medicine

High School/University:

Westview High School (2006-present)

Interest and Accomplishments:

Franklin Zhao is a senior at Westview High School. He has worked on two research projects outside of OHSU and a research project with Dr. Martin Fuss. This latter project was a method to track the movement of the eye during radiotherapy of choroidal melanomas and other tumors of the eye, and was constructed with his research partner, William Han. He is currently working on another project with Dr. Fuss over the course of the summer, again with Mr. Han.

He has a background with mathematics, physics, some image processing techniques, biology, and MATLAB, a software program often used for image and matrix analysis. He has had a long experience with scientific research as well, having entered science fairs in middle school and elementary school. Radiation medicine as a topic has long intrigued him, initially because of the large, loud machines and strange pictures that it used.

His focus has been fairly focused on mathematics and science; outside of research, he participates in the Science Bowl, the AMC/AIME math competition, and the ARML math competition. He considers a career in science to be the most productive way to contribute to society, through enriching and prolonging the lives of others.