Conroy Sun, PhD

Conroy Sun, PhD

Faculty Rank:

Cross-Appointed Research Faculty


Radiation Medicine


Drug Delivery, Molecular Imaging, Nanomedicine


Professional Experience:


Adjunct Assistant Professor, Radiation Medicine, OHSU   

Postdoctoral Fellow, Radiation Oncology, Stanford University   

Senior Fellow, Neurological Surgery, University of Washington

Awards and Honors:

  • 2014    Stanford Radiation Oncology Physics Division Impact Award   
  • 2011    DOD CDMRP BCRP Postdoctoral Fellowship Award
  • 2010    World Molecular Imaging Conference Travel Award
  • 2010    Advanced Research Center for Medical Physics Travel Award

Lab Description:

My lab is focused on applying nanotechnology toward unanswered problems in cancer care. In particular, we are interested in developing novel nanomaterials that serve as platforms for tumor targeted drug delivery and molecular imaging contrast agents. Here we seek to exploit the unique capabilities of nanomaterials to combine conventional therapies, such as radiation and chemotherapy, to achieve a synergistic treatment response or combine treatment with medical imaging modalities for theranositic approaches, such as image-guided drug delivery. In addition, a significant portion of my research is directed toward enabling novel treatment or imaging technologies that are only possible through the use of nanotechnology.

Select Publications:

Olga Volotskova, Conroy Sun, Jason H. Stafford, Ai Leen Koh, Xiaowei Ma, Zhen Cheng, Bianxiao Cui, Guillem Pratx, and Lei Xing, Efficient Radioisotope Energy Transfer (RET) by Gold Nanoclusters for Molecular Imaging. Small, In Press.

Dominik Naczynski, Conroy Sun, Silvan Turkan, Cesare Jenkins, Ai Leen Koh, Debra Ikeda, Guillem Pratx, and Lei Xing, X-ray Induced Shortwave Infrared Biomedical Imaging Using Rare-Earth Nanoprobes. Nano Letters, 2015 15(1): 96-102.

Guillem Pratx, Kai Chen, Conroy Sun, Lynn Martin, Colin Carpenter, and Lei Xing, Radioluminescence microscopy reveals radiotracer uptake in single living cells. PLOS ONE, 2012 7(10):e46285.

Conroy Sun, Guillem Pratx, Colin Carpenter, Hongguang Liu, Zhen Cheng, Sanjiv Sam Gambhir, and Lei Xing, Synthesis and radioluminescence of PEGylated Eu3+-doped nanophosphors as bioimaging probes. Advanced Materials, 2011 23(24): H195-199.

Conroy Sun, Kim Du, Chen Fang, Narayan Bhattarai, Omid Veiseh, Donghoon Lee, Richard G. Ellenbogen, Buddy Ratner, and Miqin Zhang, PEG-mediated synthesis of highly dispersive multifunctional superparamagnetic nanoparticles: their physiochemical properties and function in vivo. ACS Nano, 2010 4(4): 2402-2410.

Omid VeisehŦ, Conroy SunŦ, Chen Fang, Narayan Bhattarai, Jonathan Gunn, Forrest Kievit, Kim Du, Barbara Pullar, Donghoon Lee, Richard Ellenbogen, James Olson, and Miqin Zhang, Specific targeting of tumors with an optical/MR imaging nanoprobe across the blood brain barrier. Cancer Research, 2009 69(15): 6200-6207. ŦContributed equally