Alexander Egan

Staff Rank:

Graduate Student


Radiation Medicine


BA physics, University of Pennsylvania, (20008)
medical physics, University of Pennsylvania (2010)


Alexander Egan is currently a medical physics doctoral candidate in the Oregon Medical Physics Program which is administered jointly by Oregon Health & Science University and Oregon State University.  In 2008 he earned a BA in physics and in 2010 an MS in medical physics, both from the department of physics & astronomy at the University of Pennsylvania.  

Together with his advisor, Dr. Wolfram Laub, Alex is developing a Monte Carlo model of a radiotherapy treatment beam in order to investigate the prevalence of dose calculation errors in highly modulated patient treatments.  His other research interests include the development of improved patient quality assurance techniques, deterministic dose calculation methods, as well as treatment plan optimization methods.  Upon earning his degree, Alex will continue to pursue a career as both a clinician and researcher.

Curriculum Vitae


Development of a Proton Beam Double‐Scattering Apparatus for Radiobiology Research