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The purpose of this study is to examine adolescent health risk behaviors, such as substance use, and how to best create interventions to reduce these behaviors and their associated harms for adolescents and young adults. Recruitment for this study is underway, so check out our Research Participants page for details!

Funded by DHHS NIH NIAAA R01 AA023658

Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study

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OHSU is one of 19 sites around the country participating in the ABCD study, which is the largest long-term study of child and adolescent brain development and health in the US. In total, 10,000 youth will share behavioral and biological data with researchers to help disentangle the relationships between childhood experiences, brain development, and long term outcomes. Recruitment is facilitated by the Developmental Brain Imaging Lab and supported by the TRAC Lab. Learn more about the ABCD study, and how to participate, here.

Funded by DHHS NIH NIDA U01 DA041148

Project DASH

Project DASH

There are many behaviors that young people engage in, some of which may put individuals at a greater risk for HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections and diseases. DASH is designed to investigate the types of behaviors that put youth at risk for these health concerns, with the goal of determining what types of programs work best to help reduce these behaviors. Investigators will use information about participants' behavior, genetics, and brain structure and function to help answer these research questions. This study is closed to participant enrollment, as data are being analyzed by the study team.

Funded by DHHS NIH NINR R01 NR013332

Science of Change

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Though not a research study in the traditional sense, Science of Change is an annual academic conference designed to integrate basic neuroscience research with applied psychotherapy research with the goal of improving treatments for addictive behaviors. This conference series fosters cross-disciplinary collaboration to investigate and apply mechanisms of behavior change. Our 3rd and final annual meeting occurred in May of 2017, but our lab remains dedicated to developing collaborations and publishing translational work in this area.

Check out the Science of Change website for information about previous conferences.

Funded by DHHS NIH NIAAA R13 AA023455