Brain networks and ADHD variation and development.

Lead Investigators. This arm of the program is spearheaded by Dr. Damien Fair.Child MRI

Funding. These studies are funded by NIH grant  MH086654 (PI: Joel Nigg), and MH096773 (PI: Damien Fair).

OHSU Co-investigators. Bonnie Nagel, Ph.D., Chris Kroenke, Ph.D.

Non-OHSU Co-Investigators and consultants.

John Gilmore, M.D., University of North Carolina.

Aims. This arm of the program, directed by Dr. Damien Fair, aims to characterize ADHD and ADHD variation using new tools of MRI brain imaging. In particular, the past decade has seen dramatic advances in our ability to describe and visualize not just brain regions, but brain networks, with non-invasive brain imaging. These methods allow us to see the complex architecture of the developing brain, and apply this to a more nuanced understanding of how ADHD develops and how its clinical course can be predicted. We have been among the first to show characteristic alterations in a brain network called the "default mode network" (associated with introspection and daydreaming) in very young children (age 6-8 years) with ADHD, as well as to show widespread alterations in white matter connectivity in ADHD. We are also working on the mother-infant cohort to conduct scans of neonates to examine early markers of ADHD risk.

Productivity. This arm of the program has generated nearly 20 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters, as well as over two dozen lectures and presentations at national and international meetings.

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