Program Overview

Core Faculty

Linda Ganzini, MD, MPH, Program Director

David Mansoor, MD (geriatric psychiatry)

Joel Mack, MD (geriatric psychiatry)

Kat Tacker, MD (geriatricpsychiatry)

Mary LaJoy, MD (geriatricpsychiatry)

Deniz Erten-Lyons, MD (geriatricneurology)

Lisa Silbert, MD (geriatricneurology)

Lisa Miura, MD (geriatric medicine)

Seminars & Conferences

Fellows attend approximately three hours per week of seminars and conferences that include:

  • Geriatric Psychiatry and Neurology Journal Club—a weekly journal club focused on various topics relevant to aging for geriatric psychiatry fellows, geriatric neurology fellows, geriatric medicine fellows, PGY2 residents rotating on geriatric psychiatry and medical students. 
  • VA Fellows Seminar—This seminar includes VA fellows in geriatric psychiatry, addictions, and psychosomatics.  Examples of topics covered include quality improvement, adult learning, becoming a teacher, educational contracts, advanced mental status examination, evidence-based medicine, giving a presentation, negotiating, and career search. 

Other seminars associated with specific rotations include Palliative Care Didactics, OHSU Dementia Review Conference, OHSU Neuroradiology Review, Brain Aging and Dementia Study Group, and Geriatric Assessment Clinic Conference.

Approximately one day per week is protected for scholarly work and preparation for conferences.