Scholarly Activity

Recent Resident Scholarly Activity


Dr. Anushka Shenoy (PGY1) - American Psychiatry Association - Poster - More Than Teenage Rebellion: Prodrome and Treatment of Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis

Dr. Justin Laporte (PGY2) - American Psychiatry Association - Poster - Electroconvulsive Therapy for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Dr. Karina Espana (PGY1), Dr. David Nagarkatti-Gude (PGY4), Dr. Aryan Sarparast (PGY1), Dr. Anushka Shenoy (PGY1), Dr. Payton Sterba (PGY1) - OPPA Winter Conference - Panel - Special K: Just How Special? Ketamine Treat in Theory and Practice (Mar 2018)

Dr. Lindsay Howard (PGY3), Dr. Asha Jetmalani (PGY3) Dr. Dara Mitchell (PGY4), Dr. David Nagarkatti-Gude (PGY4) - OPPA Summer Conference - Panel - This Makes Me Nervous: A Discussion of Difficult Cases (Jul 2017)

Dr. Lindsay Howard (PGY2) - American Psychiatry Association - Poster - Violence Risk in High Functioning Autism (May 2017)

Dr. Jon Wilson (PGY2) - American Psychiatry Association - Poster - Repeat Autoenucleation at an Academic Medical Center During Admission for Contralateral Autoenucleation: A Case Report (May 2017) 

Dr. Pari Faraji (PGY4) - Society of Pediatric Psychology Annual Conference - Poster - Parental Factors Impact Child Pain and Disability in Youth with Acute Musculoskeletal Pain (Mar 2017)

Dr. Brent Beenders (PGY3) - OPPA Winter Conference - Panel - Trainees in the Integrated Care Model: The Future is Now (Feb 2017)

Dr. Jessica Myers (PGY2) - OPPA Winter Conference - Latest Drugs of Abuse

Grand Rounds

Dr. Karina España (PGY1) - Let's Talk: Racial Awareness and Responsibility in Psychiatry (June 2018)

Dr. Kyle Johnson (PGY4) - Post-Intensive Care Syndrome: Recognized Effects of Serious Illness on Post-Discharge Well-Being (May 2018)

Dr. Justin Laporte (PGY2), Dr. Will Frizzell (PGY3) - Gun Violence and Mental Illness: Identifying Facts and Misconceptions (April 2018)

Dr. Lindsay Howard (PGY3), Dr. Krin Walta (PGY3) - Breaking the Silence: The Need to Respond to Physician Mental Health and Suicide (Mar 2018)

Dr. David Nagarkatti-Gude (PGY4) - Working Towards Zero Suicide: Year 2 - Identify, Treat, Improve (Feb 2018)

Dr. Kali Hobson (PGY2) - Exploring the Psychological Impacts of Racism: Part II (Jun 2017)

Dr. Brent Beenders (PGY3), Dr. Rachel Morenz (PGY4) - Trainees in the Integrated Care Model: The Future is Now (May 2017)

Dr. David Nagarkatti-Gude (PGY3) - Measurement-based Care in Psychiatry: Why Measures Matter! (May 2017)

Dr. Pari Faraji (PGY4), Dr. Jessica Myers (PGY4), Dr. Elizabeth Schmick (PGY4) - The Power of Lived Experience (Apr 2017)

Dr. Jeramy Peters (PGY2), Dr. Eric Weathers (PGY3) - Cannabis and Anxiety: A Clinician's Debate

Dr. Kali Hobson (PGY2) - Exploring the Psychological Impacts of Racism (Feb 2017)

Dr. David Nagarkatti-Gude (PGY3) - Zero Suicide in Health and Behavioral Health Care (Feb 2017)

Dr. Brent Beenders (PGY3) - Utilizing a Peer Support Specialist in Psychiatry Resident Supervision (Nov 2016)

Dr. Richard Ly (PGY3), Dr. Daniel Nicoli (PGY3) - Electroconvulsive Therapy (Sep 2016)

Dr. Leigh Bressler (PGY4) - What Happens When Adam, Molly, and Spice Walk Into a Clinic? (Feb 2016)



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Dr. Jeramy Peters (PGY3) - Peters, J., Chien, J. (2018), Contemporary Routes of Cannabis Consumption: A Primer for Clinicians. Journal of the American Osteopathic Association. 118: 67-70.

Dr. Mikaela Rodriguez (PGY1) - Rodriguez, M.L., Corse, A.K. & Rosen. Mental Health Services Use Among Medical Students: Perceived Stigma and Barriers to Care. Medical Science Educator. Published 02/28/2017.

Dr. Pia Quimson-Guevarra (PGY4) - Post-Atkins Determination of Intellectual Disability in a Death Penalty Case in Oregon, Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law Online, September 2016, 44 (3) 394-396.

Dr. Ethan Beckley (PGY1) - Patil, E., Darney, B., Orme-Evans, K., Beckley, E. H., Bergander, L., Nichols, M. and Bednarek, P. H. (2016), Aspiration Abortion With Immediate Intrauterine Device Insertion: Comparing Outcomes of Advanced Practice Clinicians and Physicians. Journal of Midwifery & Women's Health, 61: 325–330. 



Dr. Krin Walta (PGY3) - Area 7 Deputy Representative for ACORF/APA

Dr. Lindsay Howard (PGY2) - Clinical Neuroscience Lecture - Clinical Features of Major Depressive Disorder (Jun 2017)

Dr. Elizabeth Schmick (PGY4) - American Psychiatric Association Resident Recognition Award (2017)

Dr. M. Saul Farris (PGY4) - Early Assessment and Support Alliance (EASA) Pharmacology Guidebook for non-medical providers (2017)

Dr. M. Saul Farris (PGY4) - American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology Senior Resident Administrative Fellowship (Mar - May 2017)

Dr. David Nagarkatti-Gude (PGY3), Dr. Eric Weathers (PGY3) - American Psychiatry Association MindGames Competition (2017)

Dr. Dara Mitchell (PGY2) - Medical Student Lecture - Psychosis

Dr. Asha Jetmalani (PGY1) - Primary Care Lecture - Trauma Informed Practice In The Primary Care Setting

Dr. Brent Frazee (PGY3) - 2nd prize in Herbert Woodcock Psychodynamic Case Formulation Writing Award - Case Study of Ms. E (2016)