Visiting OHSU

Marquam Hill

The 116-acre campus of the Oregon Health & Science University overlooks the city of Portland and is 1.5 miles from the central business district. The Portland VA Medical Center is connected by a pedestrian footbridge, and is closely affiliated with the University.

The Portland Metropolitan area has a population of 2.3 million and is one of the business and cultural centers of the Pacific Northwest. Portland borders the Willamette and Columbia Rivers. On the horizon (65 miles) to the east is the Cascade Mountain Range and to the west is the Coast Range. Opportunities for winter sports, hunting, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, boating, skiing and beachcombing are all within a short distance. 

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Visiting OHSU

The OHSU website offers excellent information about travelling to OHSU. Portland has an excellent public transportation system, TriMet. TriMet offers an extensive network bus and light rail service, including the light rail train Max, with service to and from the airport.

OHSU has special negotiated rates with several nearby Hotels for training program applicants.

Don’t forget to bring our version of OHSU’s Marquam Hill Campus Map, which has circled for your convenience the two main buildings for your interviews, Richard Jones Hall for the Basic Medical Sciences, and Dillehunt Hall.