Nationwide Delphi Survey

Delphi Method Defined

A Delphi method relies on a panel of experts for consensus, usually consisting of a structured survey of three or four rounds.


To determine the most important topics and/or themes regarding safety events in the pre-hospital care of children


  • The initial survey was built using data from our focus groups
  • Subsequent rounds were narrowed from the initial survey


We completed our 3rd - and final - round of the Delphi survey in Spring 2012.  Thank you to everyone who participated!  Nearly 500 people completed all 3 rounds.  We are fortunate to work with EMS professionals who are dedicated to improving the pre-hospital care of children.

10 Delphi participants received iPads for completing all 3 rounds of the survey.  These individuals varied in living location, professional grouping, and other demographic characteristics.  They received their iPad this past summer.  Again, thank you to everyone who participated!

We continue to analyze the results from our Delphi survey, and look forward to presenting and publishing them soon.  Once they become available, we will let you know where to access the results.  In addition, we are working with leaders from EMS agencies such as NREMT, HRSA, and NASEMSO to find ways to best translate our results into meaningful changes for EMS pre-hospital care of children.

Female Paramedic drawing IV fluids