Focus Groups


To identify factors that contribute to safety events in the pre-hospital care of children and to inform the development of the national Delphi survey.


  • 5 focus groups were conducted with 6-10 participants
  • Participants included Emergency Department physicians, nurses, and paid and volunteer EMS providers from urban and rural Oregon
  • All focus groups were audio-recorded and then transcribed for analysis

Sample Discussion Questions

  1. What are the most challenging calls involving children?
  2. We are interested in learning about pediatric "safety events". We are very interested in understanding how you as front-line providers think about these terms.
  3. Are there particular situations that you think increase the risk of safety events in pediatric transports such as patient age, specific medical conditions, clinical presentations, field or transport conditions, specific procedures or medications/medication administration?
  4. What are the most important factors contributing to safety events?
  5. We'd like to explore your ideas and suggestions for preventing safety events.


Findings were presented at the 2011 Academy Health Annual Research Meeting and won best student research poster.

Results were further used to inform the development of the Delphi survey.

Firefighters at air transport scene