Thank you for your interest in an appointment in the Department of Neurological Surgery at Oregon Health & Science University.

  • You may reach us by phone at (503) 494-4314 or toll-free at 1 (888) 222-OHSU (6478).
  • To be seen by a Neurosurgeon at OHSU you would require a referral from your health insurance company (dependent upon your coverage) or your Primary Care Physician (if you have an HMO).
  • Neurological Surgery as a specialty at OHSU does not accept self-referrals.
  • Please hand carry all films/imaging (bring the CD to your appointment) that is if your films/imaging have not already been sent to our OHSU imaging system.

Registration is an important step to becoming an OHSU patient after you have scheduled your first appointment. It helps each clinic correctly identify you and your medical information. Registration includes collecting basic patient information, creating your medical record, and providing you with an OHSU medical number for easy reference and account billing. How to register information is listed on the OHSUHealth web site.

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