Chairman's Message

Dennis Bourdette, M.D.
Dennis Bourdette, M.D.

This is an exciting time to become a neurologist. Twenty years ago neurologists were the experts in the differential diagnosis of untreatable diseases. This is no longer true.  We are witnessing a revolution in our knowledge of the pathogenesis of neurologic diseases, ability to diagnose and monitor these diseases and, most importantly, in the availability of treatments for these diseases that just a few years ago were considered “untreatable.” By becoming a neurologist, you can participate in this exciting revolution.  

Selecting a residency program is one of the most important decisions you will make in your career. The education you receive will provide the base on which you will continue to build your knowledge of neurology throughout your career, and friendships and relations that you forge during your residency will endure. Your three years in a neurology residency program will be among the most memorable experiences of your life.

Educating the next generation of neurologists is an important part of the mission of the OHSU Department of Neurology. Our faculty is committed to maintaining what is truly one of the outstanding residency programs in the nation. We seek to create a collegial environment in which residents learn through a combination of direct, hands-on experience, mentorship and didactic education. And this education takes place at a great institution in a wonderful place to live. We take great pride in the graduates of our program. Whether they are in academia or private practice, we know that they are making a difference in the lives of people affected by neurologic illnesses.

I encourage you to seriously consider joining us. If you appreciate learning in a collegial environment while living in a beautiful city and state, you can find no better place than OHSU.

Dennis Bourdette, M.D., Chairman