Graduate Survey - Stroke

Physician Characteristics

Are you board certified in Vascular Neurology (ABPN added qualification)
  If YES, Year of initial certification  
  If NO, are you planning on being certified?  
  If you are planning to be certified, what year?  
In what state(s) are you practicing?     
What is your age in years?     
What is your gender?     
What is your current marital status?     

Practice Characteristics

Which of the following best describes your current professional setting?    
  If other, please specify    
Which best describes the community in which you practice?     
How long in months have you been at your current practice location?     

Please estimate your own average work load

Number of office visits in an average full day (If you only work in half day increments, multiply by 2 to get full day number):     
Total hours per week worked    
What is your Pre-tax Income excluding benefits?

Career Satisfaction

If I were to start my career over again, I would choose to be a neurologist
Overall, my vascular neurology fellowship prepared me well for my current clinical practice

Scope of Practice

Have you experienced any difficulty getting hospital privileges?
  If YES, please describe:     
What kind of teaching activities do you participate in?

Assessment Of Adequacy Of Fellowship Training

Instructions: For each of the content areas listed below, indicate how well your fellowship training prepared you FOR YOUR CURRENT PRACTICE and if the area is currently part of your practice.

Vascular neurology

Diagnosis and management of stroke (general)
  Currently part of your practice?
Acute stroke management
  Currently part of your practice?
Stroke prevention
  Currently part of your practice?
What areas of vascular neurology were overemphasized in your training?  
What areas of vascular neurology did you not have adequate exposure to during your training?     
Any additional comments you would like to make?