Michael P. Davey, MD, PhD

Michael Davey Michael P. Davey, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor of Medicine, Professor of Molecular Microbiology & Immunology, OHSU
Staff Rheumatologist, Associate Chief of Staff/Research & Development, Portland VA Medical Center

Education and Training

Medical School:Cornell University Medical College
IM Residency:University of Michigan Medical Center
Rheumatology Fellowship:National Cancer Institute, NIH and Georgetown University Medical Center


My laboratory studies the role of NOD2 in innate immunity and inflammatory arthritis.  A broader interest is the mechanism of chronic synovitis in rheumatoid arthritis.  Using NOD2 deficient mice, we have characterized the role of NOD2 in several experimental models of arthritis.  We have recently created a knock-in mouse expressing the most common mutation found in Blau syndrome and hope to use it to study the mechanism by which specific mutations in NOD2 cause inflammatory arthritis.    

Recent Publications

  1. Rosenzweig, H.L., Clowers, J.S., Nunez, G., Rosenbaum, J.T. and Davey, M.P.:Dectin-1 and NOD2 mediate cathespin activation in zymosan-induced arthritis in mice.Inflamm. Res. 60:705-14 (2011) 21424514

  2. Rosenzweig, H.L., Jann, M.J., Vance, E.E., Planck, S.R., Rosenbaum, J.T. and Davey, M.P.: NOD2 and TLR2 function independently in a murine model of arthritis triggered by intra-articular peptidoglycan.Arthritis. Rheum.62:1051-1059 (2010) 20131263

  3. Dugan,J.W., Albor, A., David, L., Fowlkes, J., Blackledge, M.T., Martin, T.M., Planck, S.R., Rosenzweig, H.L., Rosenbaum, J.T. and Davey, M.P.:Nucleotide oligomerization domain-2 interacts with 2'-5'-oligoadnnylate synthetase type 2 and enhances RNase-L function in THP-1 cells.Molecular. Immunol. 47:560-566 (2009).19853919


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