ATLAS and ATHENA Training Overview

Training is recommended prior to implementing ATLAS & ATHENA

The ATLAS and ATHENA team at the Center for Health Promotion Research of Oregon Health & Science University provides training for effective implementation of the ATLAS and ATHENA programs.

During training, participants learn the current trends in adolescent athlete substance abuse, underpinnings of effective drug prevention and health promotion, alternatives to drug use (sports nutrition and physical training) and the background and outcomes of ATLAS and ATHENA. Coaches and other prospective instructors will have practical experience learning to use the programs and integrating them into their usual team activities.

Trainings can be organized for ATLAS only, ATHENA only or both ATLAS and ATHENA.


  • Minimum of 20
  • Maximum of 100

2 trainers are required for up to 50 participants, 3 for 50-75 and 4 trainers for more than 75.


Training is accomplished in approximately 5 hours, depending on the number of participants. Ongoing customer support is available for all participants.

Training Fees

For pricing information, please contact the Center for Health Promotion Research at: 503 418-4166; .