Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse

OHSU General Internists are involved in research to understand and reduce substance abuse.

Selected Research Projects

Cocaine Use Reduction with Buprenorphine (CURB)
National PI: Walter Ling, MD.  Site PI: Todd Korthuis, MD
Study Physicians: Todd Korthuis, MD and Melissa Weimer, DO
Funding: NIDA-CTN-0048
Partnering Agency: CODA, Inc.The aim of this study is to investigate the safety and effectiveness of buprenorphine in the presence of  naltrexone for the treatment of cocaine dependence.  

Western States Node of the National Drug Abuse Treatment Clinical Trials Network
Co-PI: James Sorensen, PhD & Dennis McCarty, PhD ; Co-Investigator Todd Korthuis, MD
Funding:  NIDAA research consortium of academic and community-based addiction treatment centers in Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, and Oregon that conducts addiction intervention effectiveness trials

HIV testing and counseling in STD Clinics: an Adaptation of CTN0032
National PI: Lisa Metsch, PhD; Site PI: Todd Korthuis, MD
Funding: NIDA
This is a multi-center randomized controlled trial to assess the effectiveness of on-site rapid HIV testing with brief vs. extended prevention counseling in improving receipt of HIV results in STI clinics.  Secondary outcomes will include self-reported HIV sexual behaviors and drug use.  

HIV Rapid Testing and Counseling in Drug Abuse Treatment Programs in the U.S (CTN 0032)
National PI: Lisa Metsch, PhD; Site PI: Todd Korthuis, MD
Funding:  NIDA
This is a multi-center randomized controlled trial to assess the relative effectiveness of 3 strategies for increasing receipt of HIV testing in substance abuse treatment centers: 1) on-site rapid HIV testing with brief prevention counseling, 2) on-site rapid HIV testing, and 3) referral for off-site HIV testing.  Secondary outcomes will include self-reported HIV sexual behaviors and drug use. 

Quality Outcomes for Patients with Drug Abuse and HIV
PI:  Todd Korthuis, MD
Funding:  NIDA
Specific aims are to (1) determine the effect of access to drug abuse treatment on HIV quality of care, (2) determine the effect of indicated care on HIV outcomes, and (3) determine the effect of integrated drug abuse and HIV care on HIV quality of care among persons with varying degrees of drug use over time.

Selected Papers

  1. Korthuis PT, Feaster DJ, Gomez ZL, Das M, Tross S, Wiest K, Douaihy A, Mandler RN, Sorensen JL, Colfax G, McCarty D, Cohen SE, Penn PE, Lape D, Metsch LR. Injection Behaviors among Injection Drug Users in Treatment: the Role of Hepatitis C Awareness. Addictive Behaviors 2012; 37(4): 552-555. PMC3288438.
  2. Weimer, MB, Korthuis, PT, Behonick, G, Wunsch, MJ. The Source of Methadone in Overdose Deaths in Western Virginia in 2004. Journal of Addiction Medicine 2011 September; 5(3): 188-202. (PMID: 21844834.)
  3. Korthuis PT, Saha S, Chander G, McCarty D, Moore RD, Cohn JA, Sharp VL, Beach MC. Substance Use and the Quality of Patient-Provider Communication in HIV Clinics. AIDS and Behavior 2011;15:832-841. PMC3077450
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