Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities

Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities

The OHSU Division of General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics has several projects focused on understanding and reducing racial and ethnic health disparities.

Selected Research Projects

Measuring Cross-Cultural Competence in VA Primary Care
PI: Somnath Saha, MD
Funding: Department of Veterans Affairs
The major goal of this project is to examine the role of racial barriers between patients and their primary care physicians in explaining disparities in the quality of care for patients with diabetes.

Motivating Providers to Reduce Racial Disparities in Their Own Practice (pending)
PI: Somnath Saha, MD
Funding: Department of Veterans Affairs
The major goals of this project are to develop and test communication strategies aimed at increasing (1) providers' readiness to take action to reduce racial disparities and (2) the likelihood that providers will participate in disparities-reduction training.

The Interconnections Project
PI: Christina Nicolaidis, MD, MPH
Partnering Organizations: Bradley Angle House, Portland State University
Funding: National Institute of Mental Health (R21MH082139-01 and K23MH073008) and Northwest Health Foundation - Kaiser Permanente Community Fund
The goal of the Interconnections Project is to use a Community=Based Participatory Research Approach to develop a community-based depression care model for African American and Latina intimate partner violence survivors.

Creating African-American Wellness
PI:  Christina Nicolaidis, MD, MPH
Partnering Organizations:  African American Health Coalition
The goal of this community-partnered project is to test the effectiveness of a community-based exercise and health promotion program in decreasing depressive symptoms in African-Americans.

Reducing Barriers to Autism Care for Latino Children
PI: Katherine Zuckerman.  OHSU GIM Co-Mentor: Christina Nicolaidis, MD, MPH 
Funding Agency: NIMH (1K23MH095828)

Selected Papers

  1. Tuepker, A., Boise, L., Onadeko, S., Gipson, T. "What's in a number? Counting the African population of Portland, Oregon: methods, issues and implications for community health collaborations." Int J Migration Health and Social Care 2012. 7(4):164-173
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  4. Nicolaidis, C., Timmons, V., Thomas, M.J., Waters, A.S., Wahab, S., Mejia, A., Mitchell, S.R.  "'You don't go tell white people nothing':  African-American women discuss the influence of violence and race on depression and depression care."  American Journal of Public Health. 2010:100(8):1470-6. (PMID: 20558811)
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