HIV and AIDS Research


The OHSU HIV Research Program has several ongoing HIV health services and translational research projects underway. To date, most research tends to focus at the instersection of HIV and addiction care and prevention. Local research benefits from active participation in several national research collaborations.

Selected Research Projects

HIV Research Network
National PI: Richard Moore, MD; Local PI: Todd Korthuis, MD
This is a national multi-site cohort study of HIV-infected patients to assess trends in HIV outcomes and utilization over time.  A sub-study (Enhancing Communication and HIV Outcomes—ECHO) assessed patient-provider communication associations with substance abuse and race/ethnicity. 

Portland Integrates Care for Opioid Dependent HIV/AIDS Patients (PICODAP)
PI: Todd Korthuis, MD
Funding: HRSA
PICODAP is one of 11 sites in the national Buprenorphine and HIV Care Evaluation and Support Initiative (BHIVES), an evaluation to assess the impact of integrating buprenorphine treatment of opioid dependence into HIV care on HIV and substance abuse related outcomes.

Integrating Hepatitis C Treatment to Improve HIV Care
PI: Todd Korthuis, MD
Funding: HRSA
This is a Ryan White Title III HIV Capacity Development and Planning Grant, to develop the infrastructure of the OHSU HIV clinic to make Hepatitis C treatment available for co-infected patients.

HIV Testing and Counseling in STD Clinics: An Adaptation of CTN0032
PI: Lisa Metsch, PhD; Site PI: Todd Korthuis, MD
Funding: NIDA National
This is a multi-center randomized controlled trial to assess the effectiveness of on-site rapid HIV testing with brief vs. extended prevention counseling in improving receipt of HIV results in STI clinics.  Secondary outcomes will include self-reported HIV sexual behaviors and drug use.

HIV Rapid Testing and Counseling in Drug Abuse Treatment Programs in the U.S. (CTN 0032)National PI: Lisa Metsch, PhD; Site PI: Todd Korthuis, MD
Funding:  NIDA
This is a multi-center randomized controlled trial to assess the relative effectiveness of 3 strategies for increasing receipt of HIV testing in substance abuse treatment centers: 1) on-site rapid HIV testing with brief prevention counseling, 2) on-site rapid HIV testing, and 3) referral for off-site HIV testing.  Secondary outcomes will include self-reported HIV sexual behaviors and drug use.  

Quality Outcomes for Patients with Drug Abuse and HIV
PI:  Todd Korthuis, MD
Funding:  NIDA
The purpose of this career development award is to further my development as a clinician researcher.  Specific aims are to (1) determine the effect of access to drug abuse treatment on HIV quality of care, (2) determine the effect of indicated care on HIV outcomes, and (3) determine the effect of integrated drug abuse and HIV care on HIV quality of care among persons with varying degrees of drug use over time.

Selected Papers

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