Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain

OHSU providers are involved in several research projects to improve the safe and effective care of patients with chronic pain.

Selected Research Projects:

American Pain Society Clinical Guideline Project (APS)
Director: Roger Chou, MD
Funding agency: The American Pain Society In collaboration with the American Pain Society (APS) and multidisciplinary expert panels, this project creates evidence reviews and clinical practice guidelines to be used by patients, payers, and providers for the management of complex pain problems. For more information, see:

Use of Prescription Monitoring Programs to Improve Patient Care and Outcomes 
PI: Richard Deyo, MD, MPH
Funding agency:  NIH/NIDA  (R01 DA031208-01A1)

Use of Acupuncture for Chronic Pain within an Integrated Health Plan (CAM Pain)
PI: L. DeBar, Kaiser CHR.  Co-Investigator: Richard Deyo, MD, MPH
Funding agency: NIH/NCCAM.   (R01 AT005896)

Back pain outcomes using longitudinal data (BOLD)
PI: Jeffrey Jarvik, University of Washington. Co-Investigator: Richard Deyo, MD, MPH
Funding Agency:  AHRQ (R01 HS19222-01)

Methadone Safety Guideline Development
PI: Roger Chou, MD; Co-PI: Melissa Weimer, DO
The American Pain Society (APS), in partnership with the College on Problems of Drug Dependence (CPDD) and the Heart Rhythm Society (HRS), commissioned a multidisciplinary panel to develop a clinical practice guideline on safer methadone prescribing practices. As part of the guideline development process, APS commissioned a systematic review on methadone safety  to summarize the evidence on various aspects related to safety of methadone, including overdose deaths, cardiac effects, and other harms.

Sex differences in chronic pain care for VA users
PI: Melissa Weimer, DO
This retrospective cohort study evaluates the differences in chronic pain care between men and women who receive care at the VA.  

Centrality of Pain Scale
PI: Christina Nicolaidis, MD, MPH
The goal of this project was to develop and test a new scale to measure how central pain is to a patient's life.  Click here [n1]  to obtain a copy of the scale for clinical use.  Please contact for permission to adapt the scale or use it in research studies.  

Selected Papers

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