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4 year residencyOHSU's 4-year Family Medicine Residency Program is designed for those looking for a comprehensive, integrated, diverse program that will provide them superior education and preparation for the challenges of Family Medicine practice – both today and tomorrow.  Our 4-year Family Medicine Residency curriculum creates flexibility for residents to explore areas of interest and to develop skills to serve them into the 21st Century.  In our program, you'll experience:

  • Training in population health.
  • Interprofessional team-based care.
  • Transitions of care skills.
  • Life-long learning.
  • Information management.
  • Individualized learning plans.
  • Commitment to public policy.
  • Career selective blocks.




Sreevalli Atluru, MD Kristin Bendert, MD, MPH
Sreevalli Atluru, MD
Kristin Bendert, MD, MPH
Matthew Chan, MD Alison Herson, MD
Matthew Chan, MD
Alison Herson, MD
 Ben Pederson, MD  Brian Garvey, MD, Combined Program
Ben Pederson, MD
Brian Garvey, MD
Brian Sanders, MD Nathan Brooks, MD, MPH
Brian Sanders, MD
Nathan Brooks, MD, MPH
Jade Koide, MD   Luis Manriquez, MD, Combined Program
Jade Koide, MD
Luis Manriquez, MD
Kathleen McKenna, MD   Wilfredo Perez, MD
Kate McKenna,

Will Pérez, MD
"OHSU Family Medicine provides the opportunity to do longitudinal research in a patient setting over four years.  I think the four-year program gives you the ability to be more integrated in your community and to understand its needs, which is what Family Medicine is all about."  -  Sreevalli Atluru, MD

"I have a really strong interest in preventive medicine and public health.  I felt that the four-year program here at OHSU has a strong curriculum in those areas. The additional training in quality improvement, population management and leadership will really help develop physicians suited to the future challenges in health care." - Kristin Bendert, MD, MPH

"One of the reasons I chose OHSU's four-year program is because I believe that, in coming years, family physicians are going to be more than just primary care providers. They are venturing into the era of having to be leaders; they'll manage health populations, deal with health policy reform, and evolve our aging healthcare system.  The four-year program will provide the training to produce a more well-rounded physician.  - Matthew Chan, MD

"I picked the OHSU four-year residency program because I believe the faculty will help us transform Family Medicine and healthcare and prioritize preventive medicine, functional EMR and health education."   - Alison Herson, MD

"I am committed to growing as a leader within the field of Family Medicine to inspire innovation, empower a new generation of people passionate for primary care globally, and to establish myself in a strong clinical practice rooted in an underserved community.  OHSU's commitment to fostering and developing individual talents and interests is unmatched.  The innovative 4-year program here at OHSU is structured to help me achieve these goals through structured leadership curriculum, excellent mentorship, extensive full spectrum clinical training, and flexible elective time to integrate my interests in global health into my residency training.  Family Medicine has a strong identity here at OHSU.  This program provides a diverse and rigorous training environment where I am able to develop my clinical, academic, and leadership skills that will prepare me to have a positive and significant impact on our health system on many levels; from working with patients individually in the clinic to engaging in community health both locally and globally, this residency program provides the very type of integrated training that will best prepare me to be successful in these roles." - Ben Pederson, MD

"We find ourselves in an era of rapid transformation of primary care and health polity, and I wanted to attend a residency program that had the courage to be at the vanguard of that movement.  I believe that the 4-year program is uniquely equipped to train physicians to advocate for all patents in this tumultuous process, and I couldn't be more excited to be working with residents and faculty who share a passion for reform, equity and social justice."  - Brian Garvey, MD, Combined Program

"The four-year program at OHSU teaches to fundamental features of family medicine including population health, information technology and leadership.  Furthermore, ample elective time to pursue personal interests within family medicine allows a resident to define his/her niche.  Through these curriculum components, I will become a well-rounded physician with expert knowledge in my defined area of interest."  - Brian Sanders, MD

"I was excited about the 4-year program because I want to practice truly broad-spectrum family medicine, combining adult medicine, pediatrics and obstetrics into my future practice.  If each of these specialties alone requires at least three years of residency, spending a total of four years developing competency in them seems quite reasonable. And even better, the residency program at OHSU goes beyond developing clinical skills, and also affords us all the training and opportunities to become leaders in the field who will help develop the health care systems of the future." - Nathan Brooks, MD, MPH

"After interview season, there were a number of programs that were enticing, but the OHSU program really stood out in my mind because of the family of staff, residents and faculty, as well as the addition of the fourth year.  The fourth year helps you develop yourself as a leader.  Not to mention that Portland is awesome!"  - Jade Koide, MD

"I was looking for a joint track program.  I chose OHSU Family Medicine because I could get superb clinical training and the opportunity to learn about health policy and advocacy at a higher level as well." - Luis Manriquez, MD, Combined Program

"As an MD/MPH and future rural doctor, my goal is to treat the whole person, the whole family, as well as the whole community. With the breadth of knowledge and comfort I am looking for as a physician, I wanted a program that would provide me with the confidence to address healthcare on each of these levels. OHSU’s four-year program adds on important dimensions of education in the areas of primary care medical home, leadership, policy, research, rural medicine, and self-directed learning in fields of personal interest. With these additions, OHSU will train me in the variety of perspectives, approaches, and skills I need not only to be a stellar broad-spectrum doctor but also to be a strong leader in my community." - Kate McKenna, MD, MPH

"I wanted to be in a cohort that collectively decided to give up a year's worth of salary in exchange for an extra years training, recognizing that the future of Family Medicine is an innovative field.  The kind of people who are willing to take on that extra year of training are the kind of people I wanted to be with.  They recognize the importance of that extra year." - Will Pérez, MD

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Valerie King, MD, MPH

Family Medicine and Preventative Medicine
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