Creating the Future of Family Medicine

4-year Family Medicine Residency Program is designed for those looking for a comprehensive, integrated, diverse program that will provide them superior education and preparation for the challenges of Family Medicine practice – both today and tomorrow.  Our 4-year Family Medicine Residency curriculum creates flexibility for residents to explore areas of interest and to develop skills to serve them into the 21st Century.  In our program, you'll experience:

  • Training in population health.
  • Interpersonal team-based care.
  • Transitions of care skills.
  • Life-long learning
  • Information management.
  • Individualized learning plans.
  • Commitment to public policy.
  • Career selective blocks.

Why I chose OHSU Family Medicine Residency

Tovi Anderson, MD, PhD"I chose OHSU family medicine residency because I knew the four-year program would allow me to explore my interests within family medicine and develop an extremely solid base of knowledge and skills. I also felt a strong connection to the diverse set of residents and faculty I met while visiting OHSU, and knew I would really enjoy my time working with such kind and thoughtful people." - Tovi Anderson, MD, PhD

Amelia Baker, MD, PhD"I chose OHSU because it is an undeniable national leader in attracting medical students to primary care and providing fantastic training for family medicine residents, and also because it is on the forefront of clinical research. My goal of practicing full-spectrum family medicine drew me to OHSU because of its capacity for training in maternal child health and obstetrics. After doing the “extended version” of medical school with an MD/PhD, OHSU’s four-year curriculum initially gave me pause until I realized all that it could offer. This extra time will offer me more opportunities to train with committed and innovative faculty and conduct meaningful longitudinal research, and it will also give me extended continuity with clinic patients and improved competency in many procedures. Though there are many programs that train excellent family physicians, I’m so excited to join the OHSU Family Medicine Residency because it is one of the few that will afford me a breadth of training while still allowing me to pursue my own passions within the field.” - Amelia Baker, MD, PhD

Wes Baker, MD"I wanted to train at program that paired practice model innovation and systems-based learning with excellent patient care. OHSU’s four-year program allows them to teach full-spectrum family medicine while also preparing their residents for the evolving health landscape that is asking more and more from primary care providers."  -  Wes Baker, MD

Patricia Hong, MD"I sought out a diverse and robust program that would train me to be comfortable with the depth and breadth of knowledge required to practice full-spectrum family medicine. But I also wanted to go beyond providing comprehensive and compassionate care; I wanted the fluidity in my skill set to be able to guide my future patients through a rapidly changing healthcare landscape. OHSU Family Medicine embraces that challenge and empowers its residents to be advocates for their community while upholding a culture of excellence. To have all of that available within the charismatic city of Portland - there was no competition." - Patricia Hong, MD

Brian Park, MD, MPH“Albert Einstein once said, ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’ I think the US healthcare system’s approach to patient care and medical education can sometimes feel that way. Consequently, I was seeking a program that would boldly innovate and agitate the current models of residency training to inspire new leaders in Family Medicine. I believe the four-year residency program at OHSU will empower us to become adept clinicians within the walls of the medical home, and conscientious advocates of health equity and social justice outside of it.” - Brian Park, MD, MPH, Combined Program

Hunter Poarch, MD"At OHSU there is a strong culture of creating champions for healthcare leadership and innovation. The focus is not simply on creating good family physicians who can function in the current system, but rather doctors who will think critically and be thought leaders for the next generation in the primary care work force. The four-year program provides the extra training and elective time that I consider necessary to efficiently navigate the complex and ever- changing landscape that is our healthcare system. " - Hunter Poarch, MD

Whitney Roper, MD"I am thrilled to be joining the Family Medicine team at OHSU! I love their commitment to innovation and big-picture thinking, coupled with their dedication to individual patients and community. Their four-year program gives me additional time to learn amongst, and be supported by, this remarkable group of residents and faculty, to develop my professional interests and leadership skills, and to provide more longitudinal care for my patients. "  - Whitney Roper, MD

Tamara Sanderson, MD"I truly feel that OHSU's four-year residency program format allows for ample time to prepare us for practicing on the leading edge of healthcare reform. This, coupled with the program's attention to wellness and care for the underserved as well as accommodation of residents' individual interests, are what led me to choose this program." - Tamara Sanderson, MD

Marcel Tam, MD"Leadership and management are a new skill set for primary care providers who wish to drive value for their patients by spearheading systems change, continuously improving processes, and managing high performing teams. The OHSU Family Medicine Residency is dedicated to providing this necessary training over a base of strong clinical education. The four-year format gives residents time for experimentation with these skills and the actively practicing faculty clinicians help to make them concrete."- Marcel Tam, MD, MBA

Alex Zweig, MD"I believe in the four-year approach that OHSU promotes because I want to complete residency ready to practice full-spectrum family medicine, including obstetrics and pediatrics. What really sets OHSU apart, in my eyes, is that this program will train and encourage me to become a leader through additional training in population management and public health. In addition, at OHSU I will be surrounded by accomplished faculty and residents who will continuously motivate me to become a better physician."   - Alexander Zweig, MD

Contact the Residency

Roger Garvin, MD

Family Medicine Residency Program Director
OHSU Family Medicine
Oregon Health & Science University
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd, FM
Portland, OR 97239-3098

Valerie King, MD, MPH

Family Medicine and Preventative Medicine
OHSU Family Medicine
Oregon Health & Science University
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd, FM
Portland, OR 97239-3098


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