Rebecca Rdesinski, MPH, MSW

Rebecca Rdesinski, MSW, MPH joined the Department of Family Medicine in 2002 as a Research Associate. She is the Resident Capstone Project Data Guide and Analyst and also works on several projects including the evaluation of the Behavioral and Social Science Core Curriculum at OHSU, the Data Initiative Grant, the TRADEMARQ grant, and the Nurse Family Partnership Family Planning grant. Rebecca's areas of interest are population health, health services delivery, use of data to improve systems of care, health disparities, nutrition, and the built environment.

Recent Publications

Rdesinski, RE, Chappelle, KG, Elliot, DL, Litzelman, DK, Palmer, R, & Biagioli, FE. (2015). Development and use of an instrument adapted to assess the pre-clinical learning environment. Medical Science Educator.

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