Other Sponsored Activity Research Project Descriptions

Tracking Scope of Practice and Practice Setting PCMH Features Using Graduate Surveys

PI: Carney, P/Eiff, P
Total funding to date: $63,858

A two-year supplement which will allow capture of graduate survey data from two additional cohorts of P4 graduates, all of whom would have been exposed to all components of the educational redesign associated with P4 and who would be 18 months into their first positions in clinical practice.

Community Health Applied Research Network:  Building Research Infrastructure to Develop and Generate Comparative Effectiveness (CHARN BRIDGES)

PI: Muench, J
Total funding to date:  $81,000

To serve as a member of the CHARN steering committee and ensure that all OCHIN health centers engage and support all aspects of developing, training, and information required for participation in the Research Network.

CREATE Community Capacity

PI: Saultz, J
Total funding to date: $996,212

To create a bidirectional transfer of research knowledge and expertise between OHSU, Kaiser CHR, and OCHIN that ensures the development of a unique, sustainable infrastructure to support OCHIN's involvement as a partner in community research activities.

Community Health Applied Research Network (CHARN)

PI: Saultz, J
Total funding to date:  $396,644

To provide infrastructure support for consortia of safety net providers and academic institutions to develop the capacity to undertake community-based comparative effectiveness research

OHSU Richmond Community Health Center

PI: Teuber, E
Total funding to date: $650,000

Creates a new access point (NAP) for the delivery of primary health care services for underserved and vulnerable populations under the Health Center Program with the purpose of increasing access to comprehensive, culturally competent, quality primary health care services, including oral health, mental health and substance abuse services, and improve the health status of underserved and vulnerable populations in the area to be served.

Payment Reform Strategies for High Value Care

PI: Teuber, E
Total funding to date: $25,000

The goal of this project focuses on innovation around potential new health care payment models and the implementation of fundamental payment change that manages to navigate successfully through stakeholders with varying needs, willingness and goals.