Educational Research Project Descriptions

Integrating Patient Centered EHR and HIT Curriculum into BSS Medical Education

PI:  Biagioli, F
Total funding to date: $231,229

Building on pilot work conducted during the initial funding interval, OHSU and UTHSCA will collaborate to develop, implement, evaluate and disseminate a comprehensive Electronic Health Record and Health Information Technology (EHR/HIT) curriculum that interfaces with and effectively reinforces behavioral and social sciences learning (BSS).

Integrating Patient Centered EHR and HIT Curriculum into BSS Medical Education Evaluation Supplement

PI: Carney, P
Total funding to date: $149,760

This supplement will create a communications and logistical hub designed to ensure that the activities of the 16-school collaborative are as efficient and synergistic as possible, and conduct common data collection across all schools and selected data collection for some schools designed to assess knowledge attitudes and skills associated with curricular changes in the behavioral and social sciences.  Data processing and analytic activities will be conducted to determine how these skills develop over time so this information can be disseminated.

Primary Care Faculty Development Initiative (PCFDI) Demonstration Pilot

PI: Carney, P/Eiff, P
Total funding to date: $458,971

The purpose of this initiative is to begin the dialogue with a dedicated group of faculty who wish to accept the many inherent challenges involved in this personal and professional transformation.  The proposal seeks to create a foundation for this change and to foster the development of resource communities of primary care faculty within training institutions. It will accomplish this through focused faculty development in critical skill areas that have been identified as urgent priorities by policy-makers and faculty within the academic communities of the three primary care disciplines of pediatrics, family medicine and internal medicine.  More information.

The DATA Initiative

PI:  Fields, Scott
Total funding to date: $306,510

The Departments of Family Medicine and Pediatrics will collaborate to improve the institution's system of primary care.

The Primary Care Medical Home and Preventive Service Use in Latino Immigrants

PI: Heintzman, J
07/10/2013 – 06/30/2014

Total funding to date: $148,173

PCP Tradition (Primary Care Physicians Take Responsibility for Alcohol and Drug Treatment in Oregon) (SBIRT)

PI: Muench, J
Total funding to date:  $1,815,048

To create, disseminate, and evaluate a new curriculum promoting substance abuse SBIRT practices in primary care and to incorporate systems changes in the residency clinics to facilitate carrying out of SBIRT practices.

Abortion and Reproductive Health Education Project (RHEDI)

PI: Risser, A
Total funding to date: $749,877

To support the high volume training for residents, to integrate residents into our Comprehensive Reproductive Health Clinic, and to continue training additional faculty as abortion providers and trainers.