Steffani Bailey, PhD - Grants

Meaningful Use and Treatment of Smoking in Federally-Qualified Health Centers

PI: Steffani Bailey
02/15/2015 - 01/31/2020
This mixed methods study will 1) examine the impact of the implementation of Stage 1 Meaningful Use of Electronic Health Records on the assessment and treatment of smoking in a network of Federally- Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), and 2) identify facilitators and barriers to the delivery and utilization of smoking cessation treatments in these settings.

Assessing a Medicaid Randomized Insurance Experiment with Community Clinics

PI:  DeVoe, Jennifer
Total Award:
Role:  Co-Investigator/Project Director

This innovative study will measure the impact of a statewide randomized Medicaid insurance "natural experiment" on receipt of cardiovascular disease (CVD) primary and secondary prevention services among established safety net clinic patients.

How Do Changes in Families’ Health Insurance Affect Children’s Healthcare? 

PI:  DeVoe, Jennifer
Total Award:
Role: Co-Investigator

The goal of this project is to study how loss of parental health insurance affects children's access to health care services.

CREATE Community Capacity

PI:  DeVoe, Jennifer
Total Award:
Role:  Co-investigator

This project brings together a group of community research associates at OCHIN and OHSU for collaborative work to develop and submit research proposals designed to determine how changes in clinical practice influence health outcomes in OCHIN’s Practice Based Research Network (PBRN), “Safety Net West.”

Community Health Applied Research Network, OCHIN

PI:  DeVoe, Jenniifer
Total Funding:
Role: Co-Investigator

As a Research Node Center (RNC) in the Community Health Applied Research Network (CHARN), OCHIN is partnering with its member affiliates and academic researchers at OHSU to engage in Comparative Effectiveness Research.  The research (and its findings) will be shared among the four research nodes to improve the care provided to safety net patients on a National level.