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Preceptors needed for Clerkship

Be part of the future of family medicine. The Education Section is looking for Family Medicine physicians to serve as preceptors for our third-year. This is a valuable and worthwhile opportunity to contribute to education and the specialty of family medicine.

There are numerous benefits of being a preceptor including receiving an appointment as an OHSU volunteer faculty physician, open access to the OHSU library and many of the same discounts available to OHSU physicians/staff.

Students are expected to interact with patients, practicing their history and physical exam skills, as well as patient presentations – and to learn what the scope of family medicine entails. Clerkship students do need to be at OHSU on Thursdays for coursework, but student schedules allow for evening or weekend clinic time with their preceptor. Preceptors can also share a student with other physicians in the same practice.

Preceptors are asked to provide mid-term feedback and final evaluations through our online E*Value system which includes some written feedback.

For more information about being a preceptor, contact Marti Mendenhall at 503-494-5715.

Primary Care, Specialist Preceptors Needed

About 140 primary-care physicians in either Family Medicine or Internal Medicine are needed to pair with first- or second-year medical students for preceptorships. About 250 specialist physicians in all specialties are also needed.

Both preceptorships are part of the Principles of Clinical Medicine course which includes topics pertinent to clinical medicine such as history and physical exam skills, patient interaction and presentation skills.

Preceptees are expected to be able to interact with patients to practice history and physical exam skills and presentations. Preceptors are committed to at least one student for one academic term, but additional students can be assigned on request.

Primary Care preceptorships are a year long for both first-year and second-year students. There are winter and spring breaks, and vacation coverage is available.

Specialist preceptorships term dates are:

Winter: Y1 Nov. 28 to Feb. 13 (no class Dec. 19, 26); Y2 Nov. 13 to Feb. 5 (no class Dec. 18, 25, or Jan. 1).

Spring: Y1 Feb. 27 to May 22 (no class March 27); Y2 Feb. 19 to April 30 (no class March 26).

Students are expected to average one four-hour shift per week. The day can be flexed for preceptors’ schedules. Preceptors are required to provide written feedback to the preceptees at midterm and at the end of the term. OHSU faculty will receive 40 hours of teaching credit per student per term taught from the School of Medicine (120 hours/year). For non-OHSU faculty, OHSU volunteer faculty appointments may be available which will allow access to the library and employee discounts.

New preceptors, sign up online. For more information, contact Sara Nanez at