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Heather Ainger, MPH; Jennifer DeVoe, MD, DPhil
Ainger H, Wiggins N, Gregg J, Gold R, DeVoe J.  Increasing the Relevance of Research to Underserved Communities: Lessons Learned from a Retreat to Engage Community Health Workers with Researchers. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, Volume 24, Number 2, pp. 840-849. DOI: 10.1353/hpu.2013.0086. 2013.

Melinda Davis, PhD; Elaine Waller; Deborah Cohen, PhD
Davis M
, Balasubramanian BA, Waller E, Miller BF, Green LA, Cohen DJ. Integrating Behavioral Health Care int he Real World:  Early Lessons from Advancing Care Together.  J.AM.Board Fam.Med. September-October 2013; 26:588-602; doi10.3122/jabfm.2013.05.130028.

Jennifer DeVoe, MD, DPhil
DeVoe JE
. (2013) Being Uninsured Is Bad For Your Health. What Is the Physicians' Role in Treating the Uninsurance Ailment? Annals of Family Medicine, September/October 2013; 11(5).

Rick Deyo, MD, MPH
Deyo RA.  Commentary:  Clinica practice guidelines:  trust them or trash them? Spine J., 2013, 13, 7, 744-746, Elsevier Inc.

Sonja Likumahuwa, MID, MPH; John Muench, MD; Jennifer DeVoe, MD, DPhil
Likumanhuwa S, Song H, Singal R, Weir RC, Crane H, Muench J, Sim S, DeVoe J. Building Research Infrastructure in Community Health Centers:  A Community Health Applied Research Network (CHARN) Report. J.AM.Board Fam.Med. September-October 2013; 26:579-587;doi:10.3122/jabfm.2013.05.130025.

John Saultz, MD
Mittlestaedt TS, Mori M, Lambert WE, Saultz JW.  Provider practice characteristics that promote interpersonal continuity. J.Am.Board Fam.Med., 2013, 26, 4, 356-365, United States.

Saultz JW. Career life cycles. Fam. Med., 2013, 45, 7, 513-514.