Residency Chief

Family Medicine Residency Instructor

This is a one-year Residency Instructor position in Family Medicine, serving as Instructor for the Department of Family Medicine at Oregon Health Science University.  The Instructor will be recommended to the Chairman of the Department of Family Medicine by the Residency Director in Family Medicine.  This a fourth year position.  The Instructor will have responsibilities in patient care, teaching, administration, and self-education.

Patient Care Responsibilities 

  • Chief Residents will act as the attending physician on the OHSU Family Medicine Inpatient Service for two to four weeks and will work in their designated clinic 4 half-days per week.

Educational Responsibilities 

  • Chief Residents will have some precepting responsibilities in clinic, coordinate morning report, and coordinate the weekly resident conference. Chiefs will also have the opportunity to precept medical students and be a group leader for PCM.  The Chief will also pursue a scholarly endeavor to research throughout the academic year.

Administrative Responsibilities 

  • The Chief Resident will be involved in curriculum meetings, lead the monthly resident forum, and act as a liaison between residency staff, faculty, and other non-OHSU entities. He/She will also handle day to day absences or schedule changes, participate in residency section and other faculty development activities.

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