Manabu Kamio, MD

Where are you from in Japan?

Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture


What type of Education?  Degrees?

I graduated from Gunma University, the Department of Medicine.


What was your experience like in the OHSU Family Medicine 3-month residency?

It became one of turning points in my life.


What were your most memorable experience in your residency program and life in U.S.?

  • Dr. Dornfest's outpatient clinic (rich in knowledge, humanity, and how he builds up relationships with patients)
  • Reedsport (Dr. Robby Law's dedication)
  • Wonderful residency program (my attendance at a variety of conferences)
  • Mr. Ben Cox, Ms. Heidi Elliott and other staff's kindness (Especially when I brought my toddler son, OHSU staff and people in Portland were so kind and I was touched)


Have you been able to use the trainfing in your clinic in Japan?

Yes, useful for actual medical examinations and treatments, and in the residency program.


What are you doing now?

Working at hospital in the Department of Emergency.


Are you in a Family Medicine Residency?  Working?  More schooling? 

I am not working in Family Medicine now, but would like to learn more again.

Manabu, Mikako and Kota on the Tram Daisuke Yamashita, Manabu Kamio, Meg Hayes, Heidi Elliott, Kota and Mikako Kamio