February Awards

Dr. Chesnutt saves patient's life on a plane

Jim Chesnutt, MDWinner of February Golden Rose

James Chesnutt, MD, Orthopaedics and Family Medicine at Gabriel Park, was presented with a Golden Rose during the February Rose Ceremony on Feb. 26. Dr. Chesnutt is the third member of the Department of Family Medicine to receive a Golden Rose in the last six months.

Dr. Chesnutt received the award in connection with his role in saving the life of a patient who went into cardiac arrest on a flight from Boston to Portland. According to the Boston-area physician who nominated him for the award, Dr. Chesnutt was the one who recognized that the patient was having a heart attack. His quick thinking and response allowed for quick intervention, which is critical in cases of cardiac arrest and arrhythmia.The Boston physician wrote:

“All of the credit really goes to (Dr. Chesnutt) because it was he who realized that the patient wasn't having a seizure. What he told me later was that a minute or two before the patient went pulseless, he had actually had what looked like a seizure to all around him, which caused his wife to call for help. But Jim suspected that it could be a heart attack and moved in quickly to assess. Had he not done that, our intervention would have been delayed. Jim saved (the patient’s) life, as far as I'm concerned. Amazing.”

Dr. Chesnutt said he was humbled by the award.

“While I am honored by this award, I don’t feel like I did anything extraordinary," he said. "As physicians, we’re trained to help people in situations like this. As a sports medicine physician, I treat patients on the field and on the sidelines all the time. So really, I was just doing what I was trained to do. That being said, I am truly grateful for the award, and I thank my colleagues for being here today.

"The take-home message from this experience is that in order to make a big impact in this world, we all need to be prepared, ready and willing to engage with our patients and the public, whether in the course of our ordinary day or under extraordinary circumstances. It doesn't matter if we're saving lives or simply offering a kind word to help brighten someone's day."

The Boston physician concluded the nomination by adding, “One of the flight attendants came up to me later in the flight and asked, ‘you both are primary care doctors right?’ ‘Yup,’ I said. She smiled, made a fist, and did a slow deliberate nod, ‘Primary care docs, stepping up to save the day! You guys rock! We need more of you.’ No doubt. Go primary care!”

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Winners of the Quality Project Poster Symposium

Q1 winners
First Place (top) Family Medicine Residency. Pictured: Charles Kilo, MD, MPH, FACP; Thomas Quattlebaum, MD; Rita Lahlou, MD; & Patrick Brunett, MD, FACP. Second Place (bottom) Family Medicine & Preventive Medicine. Pictured: Dr. Kilo; Brandon Lynch, MD; & Dr. Brunett.

Family Medicine takes 1st, 2nd place

Family Medicine took first and second place in the OHSU Quality Project Poster Symposium on Feb. 11.

First-place winners, earning $5,000, were from Family Medicine Residency. Authors included Kristin Gilbert, MD; Rita Lahlou, MD, MPH; Carl Rasmussen, MD; Laurel Witt, MD; Alicia Overstreet Galeano, MD; Brian Sanders, MD; Nathan Brooks, MD, MPH; Kate McKenna, MD; William Nettleton, MD; Thomas Quattlebaum, MD, and Stephen Yip, MD. The group won for its poster Increasing Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST) for Patients in a Primary Care Home.

Second-place winners, earning $3,000, were from Family Medicine and Preventive Medicine. Authors included Brandon Lynch, MD (Family Medicine and Preventive Medicine); Daniel Kenron, MSIE (Pediatric Administration); Carrie Phillipi, MD, PhD (Pediatrics); Lee Schrauben, MPH (Oregon Health Authority); and Johanna Warren, MD (Family Medicine). The group won for its poster Hepatitis B Birth Dose Immunization Rate Improves with Administration on L&D.

The poster symposium was part of OHSU Quality Days, sponsored Feb. 10-11 by the Quality Management department and the Division of Graduate Medical Education. Events explored the OHSU Performance Excellence System (OPEx), OHSU’s approach to drive rapid performance improvement using a common vocabulary, tools and methods.

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