DMICE Epic Partnership FAQ

About the DMICE-Epic Partnership

OHSU DMICE has established a partnership with Epic Systems Corporation to advance research and education in biomedical and health informatics using the EpicCare electronic health record and associated tools. OHSU is the first academic informatics program to partner with Epic in this manner, an initiative that both OHSU and Epic hope will accelerate advancement and deployment of new ways of using of electronic health record technology in health delivery, research, and education.

The partnership, created under the auspices of OHSU's Informatics Discovery Lab (IDL), entails establishing two laboratory environments of EpicCare at OHSU — one focused on research and another on education.

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Q: Will protected health information (PHI) be accessible through the research and educational environments?

No. Both instances will be cloned from OHSU's EpicCare training environment, which does not utilize PHI. Patient data in both of these systems will be either simulated or, if clinical data is to be utilized, manually de-identified with IRB approval.

Q: Will DMICE assist other academic institutions that would like to implement similar environments?

Yes. Once the OHSU environments are well established, we will share our experiences in public forums and explore other ways to disseminate and transfer our knowledge.

About the Research Environment

The EpicCare research environment – including including front-end and back-end access to the EHR – will allow OHSU faculty and students to investigate usability, data analytics, simulation, interoperability, patient safety, system integration and other important informatics research topics. It also will enable more rapid prototyping of solutions to real-world healthcare problems that can be addressed by informatics technology. 

Q: Who will be able to use the research environment?

DMICE faculty and their research assistants will be granted access to the research environment. Other investigators may gain access to the environment as a part of research collaboration with DMICE faculty.

Q: Will researchers receive training on the environment?

Yes. Researchers will be trained during Winter and Spring terms of this year (January through June 2014).

Q: After I take the researcher training, will I be "Epic certified"?

No. The training will provide the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to begin using the research environment, but will not make you an Epic expert. OHSU DMICE will not be offering any Epic certification.

Q: When will the live research environment become available for use?

In March 2014.

About the Educational Environment

The EpicCare educational environment will provide students in OHSU's graduate program in biomedical informatics access to EpicCare for learning purposes. Students in both OHSU's on-campus and distance learning programs will pursue coursework with components using Epic's electronic health record system. Educational activities will include learning to configure screens, implementing clinical decision support, and generating reports, as well as performing other front-end and back-end activities.

Q: Who will be able to use the educational environment?

On-campus and distance learners matriculated into DMICE degree programs (graduate certificate, masters, doctoral) and enrolled in BMI 513 (Electronic Health Record Laboratory Course) will be eligible to access the educational environment.

Q: Are there any prerequisites for BMI 513?

Yes, you will need to successfully complete BMI 512 (Clinical Information Systems) in order to enroll in BMI 513.

Q: Can I access the EpicCare Education environment if I am not enrolled in BMI 513?

No, not at this time. It is possible to access the research environment by collaborating with a faculty member on a research project. This includes capstone, thesis, and dissertation projects if appropriate

Q: If I take the course, will I be "Epic certified"?

No. BMI 513 introduces students to a commercial electronic health record and familiarizes them with the clinical informatics operating environment through lab exercises conducted in the EpicCare environment. It is not an Epic certification course. OHSU DMICE will not offer any Epic certification.

Q: If I have already taken BMI 513; can I take it again?

This depends upon availability. We expect high demand for the course. Priority will be given to students who require BMI 513 credits for their degree program.

Q: When will DMICE begin offering BMI 513 using the live EpicCare environment?

During Spring term 2014 (starting late March 2014).

Q: Who should I contact if I have other questions?

Please contact Deb Woodcock, IDL program manager, at

Page updated January 13, 2014