2001 Menucha Conference

Menucha is an old Hebrew word. Like many of them, it has multiple meanings. It means a place of repose. It describes a place to gather energies and faculties to prepare for whatever beauty or challenge tomorrow holds. It is a familiar and relatively secure place in which to prepare to set out for a destination that can only be dimly perceived.

To identify factors for successfully implementing physician/provider order entry (POE), a consensus conference of invited experts holding multiple perspectives was convened near Portland, Oregon on May 10 and 11, 2001. At a retreat center called Menucha, thirteen experts met with seven members of the Physician Order Entry Team (POET) of researchers for the purpose of developing recommendations for POE implementation.

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The conferees developed 10 major considerations (which included 36 sub-considerations) that should be taken into account in any effort to successfully implement POE . The resulting consensus document was the subject of a poster session presented by the POET at the 2001 AMIA meeting.

See the list of 10 considerations

Since the time of the conference, debate has continued regarding a number of CPOE implementation issues. A summary of these debated issues is provided.

For a complete printable file containing the 10 Considerations, the summary of the debated issues, and the conference attendee list, download the updated PDF file