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The OHSU Biomedical Informatics Summer Undergraduate Research Program provides paid internship opportunities for students to work intensively with faculty on research projects for 12 weeks during the summer. Due to the funding agency, this program is open to U.S. Citizens and Permanent Resident’s only. The program's goals are to introduce students to research projects in Biomedical Informatics, facilitate interactions with Informatics faculty, and to increase awareness among undergraduates about this exciting field. Students will present their research projects at the end of the program in a mini symposium.

The Summer Internship Program is on hiatus for 2018. Please check back in early next year for project opportunities for the Summer of 2019.


  1. Review Projects and Faculty Sponsors for 2017
  2. Email, Fax, or Mail unofficial transcripts, letters of recommendation, and any other supporting materials to Andrea Ilg at

* The application contains a short essay question. You can download the application to view the questions/essay and prepare your answer before starting the application in SurveyMonkey.


Recent Projects

  • Identify best practices surrounding the safety of EHR systems
  • Evaluation of EHR system implementation at a medical center
  • Computer-based image analysis for diagnosis of retinal disease
  • Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative analysis and support
  • Refine and evaluate qualitative feedback from patients using an app for breast cancer screening
  • EHR Simulation Project
  • Characterization of copy number in whole exome sequencing data
  • Survey and evaluate computational tools used to predict potentially pathogenic DNA mutations


Testimonials from OHSU Summer interns:

This internship cemented many of my interests, and was immensely helpful in making me feel like I was progressing towards my career goals. Prior to this summer, I wasn't sure if healthcare informatics was my intended goal; now I feel that it's a path I should pursue. I have the majority of my undergraduate career ahead of me, but I intend to pursue an intersection of computer science and healthcare, likely informatics. At this stage, my goals are to finish my undergraduate degree and go into a graduate program in informatics. My hope is to eventually be employed in informatics or a related field."

- Katie Abrahams, 2013

My experience here had left a significant impact on my career goals. I not only gained a thorough understanding of the flow of information and the use of data in the hospital, but also the workflow of an entire hospital. Without this opportunity, it is impossible to achieve an understanding of a hospital’s environment to this level of detail. In the fall, I will return to Oregon State University to complete computer science as a minor. I will continue to explore the field of Informatics."

- Song Ge, 2013

"I was looking for a research experience that combined both medicine and engineering. As I conclude my undergraduate studies and look toward grad school, I was hoping that the exposure would help me decide which graduate path to pursue. The opportunity to work in the field of biomedical informatics is a great way to see how information technology is applied in the fields of health and medicine."

- Anne Kitzmiller, 2012


Please see the FAQs for complete application instructions before submitting an application.