Neuroradiology Fellowships

Diagnostic Neuroradiology Fellowship

 The Diagnostic Neuroradiology Fellowship is an ACGME accredited program, requiring a 1 or 2 year commitment. Candidates must be Board Certified or Board Eligible radiologists. Candidates for Fellowship are selected through the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP). You can get additional information about the match and registration from their website.

Our program is designed to be a well-balanced academic training program that encompasses all of the basic and advanced, clinical and research areas, of both adult and pediatric neuroradiology. The overall goals of this Fellowship are two-fold: to produce neuroradiologists with the highest level of clinical expertise, and to produce the future leaders in academic neuroradiology. To meet these goals, fellows participate in clinical, research, and educational aspects of neuroradiology.

During the course of the Fellowship, neuroradiology fellows will be exposed to all imaging modalities used to evaluate neurologic disease, including CT, MR, myelography, angiography, ultrasound, nuclear medicine and radiographic studies. Interventional neuroradiologic procedures are also performed at state-of-the-art levels at OHSU, and neuroradiology fellows will actively participate in these procedures with the neurointerventional service.

Fellows will also gain experience in diverse neurology, neurosurgery, ENT and neuro-ophthalmology programs, including centers in stroke, epilepsy, and Alzheimer's disease. Collaboration with the clinical and research neuroscience services at OHSU, as well as the neuroscience division of the Oregon Regional Primate Center, and an experienced group of MR physics and image analysis personnel, provide fellows with a unique opportunity for training in academic neuroradiology at the highest level.

Neurointerventional Rotation: Fellows spend 4 weeks on the neurointerventional rotation performing diagnostic and therapeutic procedures related to neuroradiology. Fellows may spend additional time on the rotation if desired or if they have a more focused interest in neurointerventional procedures.

Elective Time: Fellows are offered up to 3 weeks of elective time in other radiology and related subspecialties such as pain management. The fellowship is highly flexible and allows fellows to develop interests or skills needed for future job opportunities, career, or research interests.

Call Responsibilities: Fellows take call with faculty for one week at a time beginning on Friday, once every four weeks. Fellows remain on call Q4 weeks even if there are 3 fellows. Fellows do not take neurointerventional call during their call weeks.

Academic Time: 20 days per year. Approximately one day per week, though fellows may consolidate their academic time into blocks for specific projects.

Scholarly Activity: Fellows are expected to participate in at least one scholarly activity per year.

Stipend: Fellows are currently offered funds to reimburse for educational materials, books, and CME or board review courses.

Vacation: Fellows are offered 15 days of vacation.

Lectures and Conferences

  • Anatomy Lecture Series - one day per week for the first 12 weeks of fellowship, faculty and fellows will review core neuroanatomy.
  • Fellowship Lecture Series - one day per week fellows and faculty will have a 30 min didactic lecture following the neuroradiology fellowship curriculum.
  • Interesting Case series - one day per week, fellows, faculty, and residents will have a 30 min review on all interesting cases from the past week.
  • Resident Lecture Series - approximately 30 resident lectures are given by the neuroradiology faculty to residents and fellows. Near the end of the fellowship, fellows will usually give at least one lecture to the residents with faculty support.

Tumor Boards and working conferences

    Fellows are assigned to cover various tumor boards and working conferences with faculty throughout the year.

  • Adult Tumor Board - Fridays at 7 am
  • Pediatric Tumor Board - Thursdays at 7 am
  • ENT Tumor Board - Mondays at 4 pm
  • Pediatric Neuro oncology conference - Wednesdays at 1 pm
  • Pediatric Interesting Case conferece -
  • Pediatric Epilepsy Conference
  • Adult Epilepsy Conference
  • Neurology Conference - Mondays at Noon
  • Neuro ICU Rounds - Tuesday at Noon
  • Brain Autopsies - 11 am Thursdays
  • Trauma Board - 7 am Thursdays

Annual Total Imaging Volumes

  • Neuro CT - 25000
  • Neuro MRI - 18000
  • Lumbar Punctures/ Myelograms - 450
  • Fellows perform approximately 50-60 angiograms, 50-60 lumbar punctures/myelograms. Pain management procedures are offered as an optional elective for fellows.


  • OHSU Main Hospital
  • Doernbecher Children's Hospital
  • Portland VA Medical Center
  • Center for Health & Healing