Pre & Post Procedure Orders

Pre and post procedure orders

To further standardize and streamline PCU admission/discharge orders for diagnostic radiology patients, the radiology nurses will be placing these orders based on a delegation protocol and our standardized departmental periprocedural coagulation guidelines.  The delegation protocol orders will need to be cosigned in EPIC by a radiologist (but not prior to PCU admission) so please log into EPIC periodically and watch for these in your signing queue.  


1)   The pre and post procedure orders including standard pain medications are included in this delegation protocol order set.  

2)   Radiologists will be contacted by the nurses for any questions that are not specifically addressed in the delegation protocol.  

3)   The nurses will not be placing the discharge orders for paracentesis patients requiring albumen (since the volume of fluid removed will be needed).

4)   If the ordering physician has requested lab work (i.e. surg path etc.) the nurse will pull the lab orders into the admission orders. If no lab work was ordered, the radiologist will place lab orders on the day of the procedure.

5)   All myelogram patients will have a PIV ordered due to the risk of contrast reaction–although minimal (patient can refuse PIV).

6)   LP patients will have a PIV placed based on ordered lab work (if bands are orderedor if the ordering physician has requested additional lab work). Any LP/myelo patient that has IV sedation ordered/requested will receive a PIV.

7)   Standard discharge time for all exams is 2 hours.

8)   The radiologist will be responsible for modifying any discharge orders based on a change in the patient's condition.


Medication labels