How to Separate Phases for CINE Sequences

  1. Go to the Advanced Viewing page (the “pumpkin” button on upper left)
  2. Choose the cine sequence from the thumbnails
  3. Right click on the thumbnail, and choose “IMAGE ALGEBRA
  4. The image will open on the right ride of the screen in all 4 boxes
  5. Start with the upper left box:
    1. You’ll see 4 grey bars. These are actually two sets of bars, broken down into “Phases” and then “Types”.
    2. Using the “Types” set:
      Slide both bars all the way to the right to choose the 3rd phase (the gray one). It should be the same in all three windows.
    3. Next, using the “Phases” set”:
      click on the blue icon to the right of the “A” button and the “B” button (it looks like stacked files)
    4. The bar will turn solid grey, and all of the phases will be selected.
  6. Move your mouse to the menu bar directly above the image window.
    1. From the drop down menu, choose “Addition: (A+B)”.
    2. Click on the “star man” icon to the left to generate series.