MR Histogenic Knee Research Protocol

Revised - 10/17/2014
Charge as Knee WO

IN RIS: “No protocol required
If the research order indicates NO READ, make a screenshot that says Per Protocol – No Read.
If the order indicates that it is a READ, make a screenshot that says Per Request – Read.

 The purpose of this study is to demonstrate that MRI provides an accurate assessment of lesions of the articular cartilage of the knee. Arthroscopy was used to compare this standard. The new addition to the study takes a cartilage sample out of the subject’s knee. This is taken to the lab where they grow a new piece of cartilage to implant. This will help with cartilage degeneration. Scroll down for more detailed instruction.

Room 3 ONLY - Knee Coil
Sequence   Change Parameters? Change # slices? Coverage/ Angulation/ Notes
PD NO NO Parallel to the posterior aspect of the femoral chondyles
PD NO NO Perpendicular to the Coronal plane (not oblique to lateral aspect of knee)
T2 NO NO Perpendicular to the Coronal plane (not oblique to lateral aspect of knee)
NO NO Imaging plane will be Coronal or Sagittal. Will be determined by the study.
  1. Enter pt in computer as normal.
  3. Run protocol as built in. DON’T ADD SLICES. See table for sequences.
  4. You may run additional surveys with angles to accurately prescribe the rest of the sequences.
  5. Use Ax slices to prescribe sagittal slices (see image for Sag prescription)
  6. Prescribe the Sagittal slices perpendicular to the Coronal slices as shown on image below.
  7. histogenic knee
  8. If this is a “Baseline” patient, it means that the surgical procedure has not been performed yet, and so you will NOT need the T2 maps (there isn’t anything to map). This will be indicated on the paperwork that comes with the patient.
  9. If you ARE setting up the T2 map, page MSK radiologist 10 min before T2 map will be scanned. The MSK rad will place the T2 mapping sequence, in most cases it will be a Sagittal plane. It’s a LONG scan approx 12 minutes. Do not change anything. If pt has had a prior exam, you can use that to plan the T2 map and do not need to page a MSK radiologist.
  10. Screen save the T2 map slices on coronal or axial images and send to pacs. This will be used for subsequent future scans on the same patient.
  11. This is a NO READ. Please add a screen save and send to PACS.
  12. Send images to pacs and archive on as normal.