MR Pediatric MRV SVC/ Subclavian Veins WO Protocol

Revised - 8/13/2013
Charge as MRA Chest WO
Coil: Size to patient
(REF scan)
Mode Slice Gap FAT SAT FOV Scan Range
AXIAL T1 M2D FFE 3mm -1.5 mm* None Fit to Patient Shoulder to shoulder, skull base to right atrium.
COR T1 M2D FFE 3mm -1.5 mm* None Fit to Patient Sternum to spine
COR ECG-gated 2D Phase Contrast (QFlow) 5-10 mm 0.5mm None Fit to Patient Include bilateral axillary, subclavian and innominate veins, jugular veins, and SVC. Run sequence twice, once with right-left phase encoding (showing flow in subclavian/axillary veins) and once with superior-inferior phase encoding (showing flow in jugular veins and SVC). No sat band or sat pulse.


Always acquire in AXIAL and CORONAL planes (to distinguish true abnormalities from artifact).
M2D = multiple 2D (multiple single slice acquisition, with single slices scanned in sequential order)
Images must be checked by radiologist or radiology resident before patient leaves.
*Over-contiguous images.