MR Pediatric MRV Portosplenic Vein/ Hepatic Artery W/WO Protocol

Revised - 8/13/2013
Charge as MRA Abdomen W/WO
Coil: Size to patient
(REF scan)
Mode Slice Gap FAT SAT FOV Scan Range
COR 3D mDixon (4-phases) 2.25 eff Fit to Patient Abdomen: Include liver, spleen, pancreas, aorta, IVC. Arterial, arteriovenous, and venous phases.
Run 1 phase pre, and 3 phases post contrast with Bolus-track. Trigger once you see contrast start to fill the SMA.
Notes: Images must be checked by radiologist or radiology resident before patient leaves.
Please do mDixon subtractions (subtraction = each of 3 post-contrast phases – pre-contrast sequence)