MR Adult Brain DTI Protocol

Revised - 1/3/2018
1. This is usually an additional sequence requested by the physician or Radiologist. 
2. AX 3D T1 is required as well.
3. Additional Charge "MR RECONSTRUCTION 3D" is required
4. Padding is ok unless specified as a Stereotactic
5. No need to extend brain coverage on the AX 3d T1 like a stereotactic unless it is ordered that way
6. Don't remove slices
7. Do not angle on either DTI or AX 3D T1
8. You can remove the AX T1 TSE (the 3D T1 replaces this sequence)
9. Send all sequences to PACS
8CH Coil - 3T Only
Localizer Mode Slice Gap FAT SAT FOV Scan Range
AXIAL 3D T1 - None 26cm DO NOT ANGLE. See notes above
AXIAL DTI - None 26cm DO NOT ANGLE. Cover the Entire Brain. No need for extra coverage like for stereotactic sequences.
A 3D t1 axial acquisition must always be performed in conjunction with the DTI