MR Adult Shriners Bilateral Hip WO Protocol

Revised - 3/26/2012

Charge as Hip bilateral WWO

3T Only. Use XL Torso Coil
(REF scan)
Mode Slice Gap FAT SAT FOV Scan Range
AXIAL T1 TSE 3mm 0.5mm None 30cm Entire Pelvis through Lesser Trochanters
AXIAL Mid TE T2 Fat Sat TSE 3mm 0.5mm SPAIR 30cm Entire Pelvis through Lesser Trochanters
COR T1 TSE 4mm 1mm None 30cm Sacrum Through Pubic Symphysis
COR Mid TE T2 Fat Sat TSE 4mm 1mm SPAIR 30cm Sacrum Through Pubic Symphysis


If hardware is present:

  • Do Axial and Coronal STIR instead of fat-sat mid-TE
  • If with Contrast, do non-fat-sat T1 post-contrast