Adult MSK MRI Protocols

General Principles:

  • Try to assess beforehand whether or not hardware will interfere with protocol. (Hardware doesn't necessarily mean you have to change the protocol!)
    • If available, Check a radiograph- may be able to decide before hand (discuss with radiologist if needed)
  • Try a fat-sat mid-TE sequence- is there too much susceptibility artifact and/or inhomogeneous fat suppression? (discuss with radiologist if needed)
  • If the protocol needs to be modified:
    • Perform on Ingenia 1.5T (not on 3T)
    • Increase Bandwidth
    • Perform non-fat-sat mid-TE sequences or STIR instead of fat-sat mid-TE
    • If post-contrast, do non-fat-sat T1 instead of fat-sat T1

All MSK protocols for pediatric patients are on the Pediatric Protocol page.