Radiology Daily Management System (DMS)

The Daily Management System (DMS) is meant to serve as a support system for all staff members. Various groups of staff members within each of OHSU's departments (e.g. Nurses, Radiologists, Technologists, PAS, etc.) are encouraged to hold a brief daily "morning huddle" so that the department is best prepared to meet patient needs throughout the day. These morning huddles are a part of a larger tiered structure that build upon each other until culminating at the Hospital Administrative Huddle each morning at 9:10AM. Various issues that are anticipated to affect daily workflow in regards to Methods, Equipment, Supplies, Staffing, Experience, and/or Safety (MESSES) are escalated through the system's tiers until the appropriate leaders are able to resolve these issues and provide communication back to the staff. Effective two-way communication is the key to the successful achievement of the Daily Management System's (DMS) purpose.

You can review the current DMS results here.

 DMS Messes Table