Preceptor Director:

Jean-Louis Horn, MD
Professor of Anesthesiology
Chief of Regional Anesthesia

Who Can Precept?

Anesthesiologists who wish to expand the use of regional anesthesia in their practice.

Tell me about the program:

One to two day observational workshop with an optional additional one-hour hands-on ultrasound scanning workshop. Tailored to your educational goals and current skill level. 

During your one or two-day visit you will: 

  • Observe multiple block placements in our Outpatient Surgery center (The Center for Health & Healing) and/or the main University Hospital Operating Rooms. 
  • See ultrasound guided nerve blocks and catheter placement. 
  • Have time for one-on-one interaction with Dr. Horn and others of the regional faculty. 
  • See block room set-up and the interaction of the perioperative team. 
  • Observe patients being discharged with home pumps. 
  • Discuss protocols for patient selection, follow-up and management of complications. 
  • Learn ultrasound equipment handling and how to optimize ultrasound images. 

Goals & Objectives:

Following this course, participants should be able to: 

  • Choose appropriate regional anesthesia techniques for a patient and procedure.
  • Make evidence based decisions on the choice of local anesthetic drugs and infusion rates for catheter techniques. 
  • Learn how to make use of auxiliary resources in a busy practice to provide safe and efficient regional anesthesia care. 
  • Understand what equipment might be necessary for your regional practice. 
  • Understand the documentation necessary for regional anesthesia billing and compliance.
  • Methods:

How much does it cost?

One day observational course: $500 for first day; $300 per day for any additional days. 

Additional one-hour hands-on ultrasound workshop: $500

How does scheduling a visit work?

Upon initial contact, we will go through the surgery schedule to find a mutually compatible date that will have an appropriate number of potential regional anesthetics.

How Do I Apply?

To register, or for any further clarification or inquiries about the preceptorship program please contact our Assistant Education Manager:

Tel: 503 418-4164

Fax: 503 418-1389