About the Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine Teams

The OHSU Regional Anesthesia (RA) team consists of:

  • 15 anesthesiologists    
  • 2 regional anesthesia fellow    
  • 2 residents on a 1-month RA rotation   
  • Regional & Acute Pain Nurse Coordinator

The team focuses on state of the art preventive care of acute surgical pain. Multimodal pain treatment is the primary approach, wherein regional anesthesia, both neuraxial and peripheral nerve blocks, plays a central role. The anesthesiologists on the team are dedicated to best practice in patient care, are passionate about teaching medical school students and residents and are enthusiastic to research improvements and knowledge in acute pain care.

Dr. Ryan Ivie teaching ultrasound anatomy.

OHSU's Inpatient Adult Pain Service (APS)consists of:
  • at least 1attending physician
  • at least 1 house officer (either a resident or pain management fellow)
  • 1 family nurse practitioner

All attending physicians associated with this service have completed a fellowship in Pain Management and have experience treating both acute and chronic pain.

Coverage is available by pager 24 hours a day.

The APS attending physician can often assist in placement of regional blocks when challenges are encountered, whether simply to facilitate OR turnover, or to provide guidance with more technically challenging procedures.

For more information regarding the Adult Pain Service visit OHSU's Pain Center Website

OHSU's Comprehensive Pain Center's (CPC) Pain Medicine Team consists of:

  • 7 physicians
  • 3 pain medicine fellows
  • at least 1 resident on a 1-month pain medicine rotation
  • 1 nurse practitioner
  • 3 clinical psychologists
  • 1 physical therapist

The CPC's mission is to provide world class patient care, train excellent pain management physicians and conduct research to advance our knowledge of chronic and acute pain. Our common aim is to improve patients' quality of life and functional status, and of course, to ameliorate their pain.

  • The physicians oversee the patients' treatment plan, consult other physicians about patients' medication regimens and perform interventions for pain management.
  • The psychologists provide coping skills and psychological support in this difficult time in a patient's life.
  • The physical therapists provide their expertise in functional rehabilitation.

We proudly serve thousands of patients each year.