Regional & Pain Medicine Education

As Regional Anesthesiologists our goal is to decrease our surgical patients pain, increase their satisfaction, aid rehabilitation and decrease length of stay through the use of regional anesthesia.

As Pain Medicine Consultants our goal is to provide world class patient care, train excellent pain management physicians and conduct research to advance our knowledge of chronic and acute pain.

Dr. Glenn Woodworth Appointed Regional Anesthesia Fellowship Program Director

Dr. Woodworth
Dr. Woodworth is a senior faculty member with more than 20 plus years of experience in regional anesthesia and acute pain management.   His work at OHSU in developing  innovative Regional Anesthesia education techniques is exciting and novel. Dr. Woodworth looks forward to involving our regional fellows and residents in further scholarly activity in this and other areas.  

Didactic course fulfillment: Ultrasound Guided Regional Anesthesia II