Funding Sources

The Wendell C. Stevens Foundation

Wendell Stevens Memorial Endowment Fund was established by several faculty  members in memory of the 3rd Chairman of the Department (1982-1992). Dr. Stevens was a mild mannered and humble man, who loved teaching residents.  He personally traveled to Kenya several times to provide care to those in need. The fund honors him, and is currently used to support trips for residents.

Dr. Wendell C. Stevens

Dr. Wendell C. Stevens - A Short Biography

Wendell Stevens was born in Mason City, Iowa. He graduated from the University of Iowa (UI) in Iowa City and earned his M.D. from the UI Medical School in 1956. He served his internship in Cleveland, Ohio, and spent a few years training to be a surgeon before deciding on a career in anesthesiology, completing his residency in 1963 at Iowa.1982 he moved to Oregon Health & Science University where he served as department chairman until 1992.In addition to his work at OHSU, Dr. Stevens is remembered as a director of the American Board of Anesthesiology from 1975-88, serving as president of the Board in 1987-88. He was a member of the Joint Council on In-Training Examinations and a specialist site visitor for the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).


Wendell C. Stevens Scholars

2018: Immaculeta Achilike, MD
          Remigio Roque, MD
          Amber Tucker, MD

2017: Tomas Lazo, MD
          Justin Ramos, MD
          Joelle Karlik, MD
          Travis Melin, DO

2016: Natalea Johnson, MD
          Anila Elliott, MD

2015: Omar Halawa, MD
          Bernie Miller, MD

2014: Katrin Post-Martens, MD
          Thuydung Trinh, MD
          Katie Schenning, MD

2013: Elliza Chen, MD
          Eleanor Vega, MD
          Lesley Wojcik, MD

2012: Jeffrey Moller, MD
          Greg Franklin, MD

2011: Lee-Lee Nguyen, MD

Jennifer Egan, MD Dr. Jennifer Egan - Peru 2011








Chloe Maycock, MD

 Dr. Chloe Maycock - Peru 2010

Jeff Chen, MD

Dr. Jeff Chen - Coya, Peru 2009

"I am lucky to be a physician in a great academic institution such as OHSU. This trip certainly provided me with more insight and perspective about the world and about medicine. During the week, we met and helped people who may not have had a lot of monetary wealth, but nevertheless, they enriched our lives through their interactions with us. I was privileged to have been able to work with such a great group of people, and I believe that the people on this mission will continue to do great things for this world. The Wendell C. Stevens, M.D., Fund was a true blessing for me."

Roger Coleman, MD

Dr. Roger Coleman - Lima and Arequipa, Peru 2008

"This experience helps people understand how fortunate we are and how important it is to share that with other places. ... Hopefully people will continue giving back after they leave OHSU, so it's not just a part of residency." 



Miko Enomoto, MD

Dr. Miko Enomoto - Coya, Peru 2008

"Over five days we did 31 surgeries for patients ranging in age from 3 months to 42 years. It's amazing how a smile from a child with a newly repaired cleft lip, or the tears of joy from his mother, can change your life."






Esther Sung, MD

Dr. Esther Sung - Coya, Peru 2007

"It was rewarding to apply what I have learned at OHSU during residency to aid these people, and it reminded me of why I went into the field of medicine. The need for this help is evident in that many of the Peruvians whom we treated often traveled great distances to receive the care we pro­vided. What moved me the most about the experience, however, was the gratitude they expressed for our work. Even the language barrier could not mask our patients' sincere appreciation for the services we provided."




Grace Chen, MDDr. Grace Chen - Coya, Peru 2007

"I was born in a third world country where health care is not as advanced. I traveled extensively prior to residency and saw health care delivery inequitable in foreign countries. I have always dreamed of doing something for those people." "It teaches us to be resourceful, autonomous, and respectful. It also gives us the chance to be the doctors that we set out to be when we applied for medical school — to help people who cannot help themselves."


Nathan Hess, DO
Dr. Nathan Hess - Ambato, Ecuador 2006

"All these kids and parents were so grateful. I think we did a really good job. … Most of the kids left the hospital pain free." "A lot of the equipment had been brought down from (OHSU), but there were challenges and things we had to deal with that are never an issue here. It forced us to think on our feet and improvise."


Yan McRae, MD
Dr. Yan McRae - Ambato, Ecuador and Coya, Peru 2006

Yan fondly remembers carrying the children in his arms from the OR to recovery and passing their grateful families in the hallway.

Support the Fund

The Wendell Stevens Foundation is designated for the support of humanitarian endeavors, including the provision of medical care and education to underserved communities. Contributions to this fund are used to support participation by the department's third-year residents and fellows in ABA and GME approved medical trip. Since inception, two missions have been funded per year, primarily to remote areas in South America. Our goal is to expand this endowed program so all residents will have the opportunity to participate in a humanitarian trip as part of their training program. Give to the Wendell C. Stevens Memorial Foundation

Additional H.O.P.E. foundations

The Betty B. Thompson Foundation

Dedicated to Medical Student Education and International Service

This fund was established by John Thompson, MD, in honor of his wife, Betty. She was a faculty member in the early days of the department, predating even Wendell Stevens. She was a loved clinician and educator, in the days when there were not many women in anesthesiology. John and Betty both traveled overseas prior to their retirement.  Initially this fund was established to provide an opportunity for an OHSU medical student planning a career in anesthesiology to travel, but has recently been expanded to include an opportunity for a resident to also share in the experience.Give to the Betty Thompson Endowment Fund

The Bob and Mary Jane Stewart Foundation

A Medical Outreach and Educational Opportunity for Pediatric Anesthesia Fellows

The Bob and Mary Jane Stewart Fund was established in 2011 and funds medical outreach and education for a pediatric anesthesia fellow on an overseas trip. It represents an opportunity to extend participation to all levels of anesthesiology trainees in the department.