APOM Teams

APOM Employee Recognition

To establish and maintain an APOM employee recognition program that is consistent with the department's mission and meets the needs ofthe employees in the department.

APOM Diversity

APOM's Diversity Action Team was formed to align with the organization in completing the Diversity Action Plan. The plan calls on all members to contribute toward reaching the Diversity Action Plan goals and building an institution that leads in diversity and inclusion.

APOM Emergency Management

This committee is involved in developing a comprehensive Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for the administrative group with the Department of Anesthesiology. This team also works to continually develop policies and procedures for emergency planning, training, and overall emergency management education within the department.


The purpose of the Department Information Technology (IT)Team is to provide IT support for APOM department in an organized and effective manner.


To continually develop and improve administrative coordinator processes that have the potential to cross over into all departmental missions (clinical, education, research). 

APOM Manager Team

The APOM Management Team collaborates to provide leadershipand support for all APOM employees in furthering the Department mission. They strive to bring together diverse perspectives for the common goal of improving administrative functions to ensure a patient-centered culture.

APOM Research Communications

To streamline communication processes for Basic Science and Clinical Research projects and activities by utilizing both Research website and Bridge as a tool to update and standardize workflow.

APOM Employee Satisfaction

To conduct regular employee satisfaction surveys, track responses, and influence an improvement in satisfaction over time.

Pain Center PAS/MCC Team

The PAS/MCC team is a workgroup to work on topics that are applicable to the Front Office operations.

Pain Center Front/Back Team

The Front/Back team is a workgroup to work on topics that are applicable for the entire clinic support staff including PAS, MCC, MAs, and RNs.