The PH2 Graduate Program is a part of the Program in Molecular and Cellular Biosciences(PMCB) at OHSU. Didactic training includes the PMCB Core Curriculum, including CONJ 667: Organ Systems, and CONJ 669 Chemical Biology, plus two PH2 core courses in the principles of Pharmacology. In addition to these core courses, students are required to take an additional 8 credit hours of elective coursework and are able to select from any courses offered at OHSU. Students with a very specific interest can generate an elective in collaboration with a faculty member and register for PHPH 605: Reading and Conference: Topics in Physiology and Pharmacology. This flexibility helps students individually tailor their training depending on their interests and the courses are selected with the advice of the student's mentor.

The PH2 training program provides access to state-of-the art analytical instrumentation as well as in vitro and in vivo experimental models and prepares graduates to conduct independent research in an academic or industrial setting. In addition, the PH2 Graduate Program has a weekly Research Colloquium. This forum provides an opportunity for active participation in research discussions about recent findings, emerging new concepts, research strategies, and methodologies with scientists outside their own research laboratories.

For a current listing of course offerings, see the Graduate Medicine Basic Sciences Course Schedule at the Registrar's Office.


Required Courses

PMCB Core Curriculum(First Year: Fall, Winter, Spring), including:

Course Name Course Number Credits When
Organ Systems CONJ 667 3 First Year: Spring
Chemical Biology
CONJ 669
3 First Year: Spring
Research Focus Group/Journal Club
PHPH 606 1 First Year: Spring; All Other Years: Fall, Winter, Spring
Seminar Series PHPH 607 1 All Years: Fall, Winter, Spring

Second Year: Usually students take two required pharmacology courses and begin electives.

Course Name Course Number Credits When
Pharmacokinetics PHPH 617
2 Second Year: Fall
Receptor Pharmacology
PHPH 618 2 Second Year: Winter

Common Elective Courses


Course Name Course Number Credits
Readings and Conference: Topics in Physiology or Pharmacology PHPH 605 2-3
Advanced Organic Synthesis
PHPH 630
Neurophysiology & Pharmacology of Pain PHPH 614 2
Topics in Autonomic Physiology & Pharmacology PHPH 619 3
Ion Channels and Genetic Diseases PHPH 622 2
Cellular Neurophysiology NEUS 624 4
Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology NEUS 625 4
Topics in Neuroendocrinology NEUS 633 3
The Visual System PHPH621 2