Training Faculty

Faculty in the Program in Chemical Biology at OHSU have a strong interest and expertise in chemistry. Each faculty member also has a different area of biological expertise including steroid/thyroid hormone action, ion channel biology, gene transcription, and GPCR pharmacology. Chemical Biology faculty create novel small molecules and use them to dissect complex biological systems. De­signed molecules are not only uniquely specific probes of proteins, cells and animals, but also represent an initial step in the development of drugs used to treat human disease. Indeed, drug discovery is a viable potential out­come for research in the Program in Chemical Biology.

 Kimberly Beatty, Ph.D.  Charles Springer, PhD
  Michael Cohen, PhD  Francis Valiyaveetil, PhD  
Dennis Koop, PhD     Xiangshu Xiao, PhD       
Thomas Scanlan, PhD  



For questions about the training program in Chemical Biology please contact  Dr. Thomas Scanlan.

Applications for admission are through the umbrella Program in Molecular and Cellular Biosciences.