Aicher Lab

Sue Aicher, Ph.D.


Sue earned a B.S. in Psychology from New MexicoTech. Her academic strengths in math and science had propelled her to this predominantly engineering school, but her first psychology course on drugs and behavior with Dr. Frank Etscorn changed the course of her studies and career forever.  Her studies at NM Tech laid the foundation for her life long interest in how brain chemistry influences behavior. She went onto earn her Ph.D. from the University of Iowa studying the role of vagal afferent stimulation on pain responses with Dr. Alan Randich. The connections between the autonomic nervous system and sensory processing are still of great interest.  After Iowa, Sue ventured to Cornell University Medical College in New York City. She did postdoctoral work with Dr. Donald Reisand received training and mentoring in electron microscopy from Drs. Teresa Milner and Virginia Pickel. Sue was appointed to the Cornell faculty in the department of Neurology and Neuroscience in 1993. She moved her laboratory to OHSU in 2000. Her lab continues to use electron microscopy and immunocytochemistry as important tools for understanding the structure and function of sensory circuits.  When she is not in the lab, Sue devotes time to volunteer work in the community, gardening, yoga, and exploring the outdoors.

Deborah Hegarty, Ph.D.


Deborah Hegarty received a B.A. in Biology from Holy Cross College in Worcester, MA.  She earned her Ph.D. in Neuroscience with Charles Inturrisi at Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences in New York City.  During her time in New York, she became a Yankees fan when she met her future husband… much to the confusion and disappointment of her Boston-based family.  She did post-doctoral work in Sue Aicher's OHSU lab and is now a Senior Research Associate in the Aicher lab.  Her current work focuses on anatomical and functional aspects of trigeminal pain pathways.  In her spare time, Deb and her husband enjoy indoctrinating their two young boys in all aspects of Yankee legend and lore.  

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